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Re: [ecf-dev] pi4j and OSGi (remote) services

On 7/29/2014 12:06 PM, Wim Jongman wrote:
Thanks Scott,

i have been working on this today as well.

[1]. I have made the RaspBerryPI repository buildable with tycho. For this I have created a couple of new projects that sit in the releng
and feature folders.

Ok. I intend to useEclipse/ PDE for the tutorial creation and local testing...as it's more easily accessed by me and by general Eclipse sdk users...so please don't change the feature and product meta-data in the projects I've created.

[2]. I have made a build job for this project on our HIPP instance.

Where is this?

I suggest we use this hudson instance to build all our experiments and incubation stuff. My primary reason is that I need to consume the bundles from a repo.

It's OK with me, but I'm not able to take on more/other releng duties (other than what I'm already doing for our main builder at build.ecf-project.org I mean), so you will have to manage it.

[3]. I have added Scott's stuff to my polos server.I will refactor this server and move it to the ECF github repo.

What is a polos server? Is it meant to run on the pi? ...or some other role?

BTW, I'm making additions/changes to the org.eclipse.ecf.raspberrypi.gpio service API to allow for/support GPIO input (in addition to output).