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Re: [ecf-dev] service discovery working even if port mis configured

This test class refers to EDEFBundleGenerator...which given some input information creates and writes a bundle that contains dynamically generated EDEF...using the EndpointDescriptionWriter class that I described before.

Hopefully this will get you well on the way. At some point in the future...if desired...I could probably refactor and move the EDEFBundleGenerator into ECF API rather than test code, but this can't happen right away as we are closing in on Luna freeze). Or...if you are able...given your arrangement...you could create such a utility class (i.e. for dynamically creating and installing an 'edef bundle') and contribute it to ECF. Please consider doing that...it would make a nice community addition.
that approach actually worked out quite well. The only thing missing from EDEFBundleGenerator was that the generateEDEFBundle method return the generated bundle file so that it can be installed in the osgi runtime. eg.:

final BundleContext context = FrameworkUtil.getBundle(this.getClass()).getBundleContext();
final Bundle discoveryBundle = context.installBundle(bundleFile.toURI().toURL().toExternalForm());

So after getting used to the general need to generate a discovery bundle with the edef file it was pretty straightforward.

Thanks again!