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[ecf-dev] Gsoc Project status

Hi Folks,

GSOC project tooling support for OSGI remote services

What happened last week:

Last week i created the templates for consumer and host services and Declarative Services consumer for ITime Service example in ecf,

Tasks for the next week:

1.next week i'm thinking of completing other templates for ITime service and Strat working on Rusberry-pie template.

2.last week scott and i discuss that demonstration[1] which wim planning to do in up coming eclipsecon could be add as a template in ecf. if we can do that would be really nice for novice users to understand them. so would like to discuss with Wim(only if you are available)  about it in this week.

[1] https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2014/session/how-cook-egg-eclipse-communication-framework

Best Regards,
Sakith Indula,
Depatrment of Computing and Information Systems,
Sabaragamuwa University Of Sri Lanka.