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[ecf-dev] GSOC project status

hi all,

weekly report of GSOC project tooling support for OSGI remote services

What happened last week:

i've been working on new PDE template that can be used to create OSGI remote services and also i have made a blog post regarding this pde template creation on my blog[1].

Tasks for the next week:
enhance this pde template make it more useful and integrate it in to plug-in project template wizard.

about this templates, there is already a hello osgi remote service pde template and there is no good reason to make some thing like that again using that template users can understand how osgi remote service host and consumer works.so i would like to know which kind of enhancements that i can add to my template make it much useful to the user.




Sakith Indula,
Depatrment of Computing and Information Systems,
Sabaragamuwa University Of Sri Lanka.