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[cross-project-issues-dev] Observations on "copy" vs. "pull" with update mirror command

I just wanted to thanks Rich (again) for teaching us all about update from the command line.

It was pretty easy to get working, and one big advantage of using it is that it will sometimes
catch "bugs" in pre-reqs long before anyone runs into it with update.

For example, I tried "streching" what we've discussed before and "pull" in the platform sdk,
and it gave an erorr that some linux I64 plugin was not found .... so .. I'm guessing those have
not been included in the "update site" for the platform. (Not sure its literally needed ... but, just
made an interesting test case and possible problem in future).

If anyone wants a "starting point" for experimenting/testing with ant tasks, you can load up
my "callisto tools" project (team project set attached).

In the org.eclipse.callisto.tools project is a build-home directory, with a "master" build.xml, but lots of "included" files for
sub-parts of the tasks. In particular, each project has its own file to specificy its project update site URL  
and the featues (and versions) to be used in callisto. So, you may have guessed already, that
until we have things automated even better, each project can send me their "build file" (in the future),
or .. perhaps a patch file against had of this cvs project? The important point is, then each project can test that the build file
correctly pulls what it should (without error) and then updating Callisto should be a breeze.

This process did catch one interesting error that doesn't show up if you "copy" from one directory
to another. the mirror comand goes through http, and, it seems, you need to set your jar files
permissions with o+r for the server to serve it up.

To show an example ... here's the current file for GEF -- much less error prone to have it all codified.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="update" default="update">
    <target name="update">

        <property name="updateSite"
                  value="http://download.eclipse.org/tools/gef/milestones/update-site" />
        <echo message="   pulling update jars from ${updateSite}" />
        <ant antfile="update.xml">
            <property name="featureId"
                      value="org.eclipse.gef" />
            <property name="version"
                      value="3.2.0.M20060224" />


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