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Re: [cbi-dev] Using signing webservice outside of eclipse

Hello Dennis,

I recently did my first release as an Eclipse/LocationTech project and I had to tackle this. I have a special Hudson Job I invoke purely for signing purposes, along with some info in my pom.xml fully contained in a profile. I Tell the job to archive the pom.xml and all jar's it generates. After the job completes, I download a zip archive of these things. Then I sign each file with gpg. Then I create a jar of all these files together, a so-called "bundle" and then upload this to Sonatype. See:


It's really not bad. I'm even able to partially make use of Maven's convenient "release" plugin; just not the perform phase.

I have notes on Spatial4j's release process here:

~ David

On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 2:53 AM Dennis HÃbner <dennis.huebner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi guys,
is it possible to use the eclipse signing webservice (tycho maven plugin) from outside of eclipse infra?

Im trying to sign our xtext maven artifacts with eclipse signature before uploading them to maven central.
I canât run the deployment build on eclipse HIPP because I canât share my maven central authentication data
and PGP signatur on a âsharedâ HIPP.

Somebody already tried this?

Best regards,
Dennis HÃbner

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