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[cbi-dev] Writing to my downloads area


I'm the project lead of Spatial4j @ LocationTech and I'm trying to get my signed 'jar' artifacts where LocationTech/Eclipse officially wants them to be. Â Â Â ÂThis is Spatial4j's first release into LocationTech; I haven't had to do this before. ÂI've got a Job and it has artifacts that are signed by LocationTech/Eclipse. Â

I've read some of Âhttps://wiki.eclipse.org/IT_Infrastructure_Doc#DownloadsÂand I've also read some ofÂhttps://wiki.eclipse.org/HudsonÂ. Should I bother with getting Hudson to write to the downloads area given I only need to do this on a release (like twice a year)? If so, how? If I go the SFTP route instead, then how do I find out what credentials to get to the downloads area for my project? Maybe I need to request such an area first somehow?

This is separate from maven-central which I've already arranged for thanks to Sonatype's services.

Any help is much appreciated.

~ David
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