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Re: [cbi-dev] Procedure to deploy to download.eclipse.org

Mikael Barbero wrote:
> A really nice solution would be to provide something similar to what
> has been done for jarsigner and other signers at Eclipse: a
> webservice where you can upload a zipped p2 repository along with
> some metadata and the service will take care of putting it right
> where it needs to be, create the composite, etc... It could also make
> some check like whether the mirrorURL is properly set, use any new
> compression scheme for p2 repo to reduce bandwidth consumption (like
> zx) etc... It could also write to information about the repo to PMI!

I think much of this can be tackled by Maven plugins during the build
already. I can very well imagine tycho-p2-repository:archive-repository
learning to compress the update site with zx as well.

Same thing goes for mirror and stats URIs.

There is one common resource, however, which I would really like to be
offered by CBI: a common index.html for update sites that adheres to
eclipse.org's current theme.

At Code Recommenders we use [2] and the maven-remote-resource-plugin to
copy it into place during out builds [3]. As you can see, [2] can even
interpolate information from the POM, like ${project.name} or

Is there any interest in picking this up at CBI? I can certainly help
with the Maven-side of things (e.g., the Velocity template), but would
probably need some assistance bringing this into proper corporate-design

Best wishes,



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