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Re: [cbi-dev] Procedure to deploy to download.eclipse.org


>> Maybe that gives you a better start. We could also think of
>> contributing them to CBI, but I am not sure how „generic“ our project
>> deployment really is.
> We're open to ideas and will welcome any contribution that can be made
> generic enough for many projects to use.

FWIW, here's Code Recommenders' promotion script [1]. Based on that, I
think it will be hard to standardize on more than




In particular, the paths below $FROM vary widely based on project
structure. Below $TO I think at least one level is fixed by convention,
but below that all bets are of.

That being said, I once toyed with the idea to deploy our promotion
script to repo.eclipse.org, so that our incubator projects (which
virtually use the same scripts) can re-use them using exec:exec Maven
goal, but unfortunately exec:exec doesn't search for the executable in
its dependencies (unlike exec:java).

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