Eclipse Mailing Lists


Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
4diac-dev 4diac developer discussions (15 members)
acceleo-dev Acceleo developer discussions (6 members)
actf-dev ACTF developers list (77 members)
aether-build Aether build notices (10 members)
aether-commit Aether VCS commit notices (11 members)
aether-dev Aether project developer discussions (24 members)
aether-users (76 members)
ajdt-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (14 members)
ajdt-dev (230 members)
amalgam-dev Amalgamation project developer mailing list (37 members)
amp-dev AMP developer mailing list (18 members)
andmore-dev andmore developer discussions (27 members)
app4mc-dev app4mc developer discussions (7 members)
apricot-dev Apricot Project developer discussions (14 members)
apricot-users Apricot project general discussions (11 members)
articles_editor Article Editors' mailing list (16 members)
aspectj-announce (468 members)
aspectj-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (21 members)
aspectj-dev AspectJ developer discussions (331 members)
aspectj-users (778 members)
atf-commit ATF committs (9 members)
atf-dev AJAX Toolkit Framework discussion (92 members)
austin-ec Austin Eclipse Community (25 members)
auto-iwg Automotive Industry Working Group (268 members)
b3 B3 Users (14 members)
b3-dev B3 developer discussions (19 members)
babel-dev Babel committers mailing list (55 members)
bayarea-ec Bay Area Eclipse Community (35 members)
belgium-ec Belgium Eclipse community (25 members)
birt-dev For developers on the BIRT project (173 members)
birt-pmc BIRT PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions) (47 members)
bpel-commits Bpel VCS commit notices (9 members)
bpel-dev BPEL Designer project developer discussions. (131 members)
bpmn2-modeler-dev Bpmn2 Modeler developer discussions (40 members)
brazil-ec Regional Mailing List for Brazil (21 members)
buckminster-dev Buckminster developer discussions (51 members)
budapest-ec Budapest EC list (21 members)
buildship-dev buildship developer discussions (19 members)
bulgaria-ec Eclipse Community in Bulgaria discussions (24 members)
bulgaria-ec-news Eclipse Community in Bulgaria announcements (29 members)
camf-dev camf developer discussions (9 members)
camf-users CAMF user discussions (2 members)
campus-ambassadors Campus ambassadors (27 members)
cbi-dev Common-build Developers discussion (104 members)
cdo-commit CDO Project commits (11 members)
cdt-commits CDT commit notices (11 members)
cdt-dev CDT General developers list. (791 members)
cf-dev Californium (Cf) developer discussions (73 members)
cft-dev cft developer discussions (7 members)
che-dev che developer discussions (138 members)
chemclipse-dev chemclipse developer discussions (2 members)
chicago-ec Chicago Community mailing list (17 members)
cloud-dev Eclipse cloud development (29 members)
collections-dev collections developer discussions (6 members)
concierge-dev Concierge developer discussions (34 members)
cross-project-issues-dev Cross project issues (357 members)
dali-dev General Dali EJB ORM developer discussion. (50 members)
damos-dev Damos developers list (12 members)
dash-dev Tools for Committer Community (82 members)
dawnsci-dev dawnsci developer discussions (5 members)
detroit-ec Detroit area Eclipse Community (7 members)
diffmerge-dev Mailing list for the EMF Diff/Merge project (5 members)
dirigible-dev dirigible developer discussions (11 members)
dltk-commits DLTK commits list (7 members)
dltk-dev DLTK Developer Discussions (87 members)
dsdp-tm-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (11 members)
dtp-connect-dev DTP Connectivity project development list (57 members)
dtp-dev DTP development mailing list (69 members)
dtp-incubator-dev Datatools Incubator Developers (8 members)
dtp-models-dev DTP Model Base project development list (38 members)
dtp-pmc DTP PMC mailing list (46 members)
dtp-sqldevtools-dev DTP SQL Development Tools project development list (66 members)
e4-dev E4 Project developer mailing list (243 members)
ease-dev ease developer discussions (35 members)
eatop-dev EATop developer discussions (13 members)
eavp-dev eavp developer discussions (7 members)
ebam-dev Developer mailing list (8 members)
ebam-user User mailing list (10 members)
ebpm-dev Ebpm developer mailing list (7 members)
ebpm-user Ebpm user mailing list (7 members)
ebr-dev Discussion channel for EBR developers and recipe contributors (25 members)
ecd-pmc Eclipse cloud development PMC discussions (10 members)
ecf-build ECF build results list (12 members)
ecf-dev Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) developer mailing list. (157 members)
eclipse-dev General development mailing list of the Eclipse project. (1245 members)
eclipse-incubator-e4-dev E4 developer list (215 members)
eclipse-mirrors Eclipse download mirror administrators discussion and announcements (234 members)
eclipse-pmc (72 members)
eclipse-tck-private This list is used to discuss the Eclipse Foundation requirements, policies and procedures for access to test and certification kits (TCKs) from the Java Community Process (JCP), the OSGi Alliance and other specification organizations. Most such organizati (1 member) Eclipse Committers general discussion (1275 members) Eclipsecon Program Committee list (30 members) Eclipse European Marketing list (49 members) A tracking list for CQs newly approved in the IPzilla system. (25 members) A tracking list for new CQs entered into the IPzilla system. (27 members) Eclipse Member Marketing Contacts (142 members) Eclipse Foundation Membership At Large (1384 members) Mailing list for all people involved in Eclipse project management (302 members) Sustaining members (145 members)
eclipsecon-europe-program-committee Eclipsecon Europe program committee discussions (4 members)
eclipsecon-tutorial-presenters Eclipsecon tutorial presenters (44 members)
eclipselink-dev Dev mailing list for Eclipse Persistence Services (124 members)
eclipselink-users EclipseLink User Discussions (367 members)
edapt-dev EDAPT developer discussions (7 members)
edje-dev edje developer discussions (1 member)
edt-dev EGL Development Tools (43 members)
efm-dev efm developer discussions (1 member)
efxclipse-dev Efxclipse developer discussions (13 members)
egerrit-dev egerrit developer discussions (10 members)
egf-dev EGF developer list (7 members)
egit-build EGit build notices (19 members)
egit-dev EGit developer discussion (198 members)
elk-dev elk developer discussions (9 members)
emf-compare-dev EMF-Compare developer discussions (4 members)
emf-dev Eclipse Modelling Framework (338 members)
emfcompare-build Build notices for the EMFCompare project. (5 members)
emfcp-dev Mailing list for developers (37 members)
emfparsley-dev Emf Parsley dev list (5 members)
emfrefactor-dev EMF refactor developer mailing list (9 members)
emfstore-dev EMFStore developer mailing list (26 members)
emft-dev EMFT Developer Mailing List (119 members)
epf-dev Eclipse Process Framework Project Developers List (208 members)
epf-dev-pt EPF translation into Portuguese (45 members)
epl-discuss Discussions about the EPL(Eclipse Public License) (61 members)
epp-dev Eclipse Packaging Project (116 members)
epsilon-dev Epislon Project developer discussions (7 members)
equinox-dev Equinox development mailing list (465 members)
etrice-dev eTrice developer mailing list (27 members)
etrice-users eTrice user mailing list (12 members)
evangelists Eclipse evangelists (37 members)
facet-dev EMF Facet developer discussions (3 members)
flux-dev Flux developer discussions (42 members)
flux-releng Flux releng notices. (2 members)
fmc-dev FMC project mailing list (5 members)
forum-admins Eclipse Forum admins and moderators -- (3 members)
forums-admin Forum admin mailing list (0 members)
franca-dev franca developer discussions (1 member)
france-ec France Eclipse Community list (104 members)
gef-dev GEF development (371 members)
gef3d-commits Source commits for Gef3d (7 members)
gef3d-dev GEF3D Project developer mailing list (37 members)
gemini-dev Gemini and sub-projects developer discussions (89 members)
gendoc-dev Gendoc developer discussions (9 members)
gendoc-users Gendoc user discussions (6 members)
germany-north-ec Northern Germany EC list (18 members)
germany-south-ec Southern Germany EC list (18 members)
git Git related discussions, specifcally migration help for projects at (72 members)
gmf-dev GMF Project developer discussions. (206 members)
gmf-releng GMF Release List (65 members)
gmp-dev Graphical Modeling Project (6 members)
gmt-dev Generative Model Transformer (107 members)
golo-commit Golo project commit and bug notifications (4 members)
golo-dev golo developer discussions (11 members)
graphiti-dev Discuss development topics on Graphiti (58 members)
gyrex-dev Gyrex project developer mailing list (20 members)
hackathon Information about Eclipse hackathons (28 members)
handly-dev Handly developers list (6 members)
hawkbit-dev hawkbit developer discussions (10 members)
henshin-commits Henshin code commits (5 members)
henshin-dev Henshin developers mailing list (45 members)
henshin-user Henshin Project user discussions (16 members)
higgins-announce higgins-announce (77 members)
higgins-dev Higgins (Trust Framework) Project developer discussions (151 members)
hono-dev hono developer discussions (32 members)
honolulu-ec Eclipse Community in Honolulu (21 members)
hudson-commits Mailing list for those interested in source control transactions (21 members)
hudson-dev Hudson developer discussions (87 members)
hyderabad-ec Hyderabad Eclipse community (8 members)
ice-build Ice build notices (14 members)
ice-dev ice developer discussions (19 members)
ice-users Ice user discussions (20 members)
ide-dev Discussions about the IDE (147 members)
incubation Discussions for new Eclipse projects (624 members)
incubator-dev PDE incubator (7 members)
indonesia-ec Indonesian Eclipse community (23 members)
iot-pmc PMC list for IoT top level project (38 members)
iot-sp iot-sp (49 members)
iot-wg IoT Working Group mailing list (281 members)
israel-ec Eclipse community in Israel (9 members)
january-dev january developer discussions (4 members)
japan-ec Japanese Eclipse Community (30 members)
japan-wg Japan wg (10 members)
jdt-apt-dev Eclipse JDT Apt developers list. (76 members)
jdt-core-dev Eclipse JDT Core developers list. (274 members)
jdt-debug-dev Eclipse JDT Debug developers list. (145 members)
jdt-dev Eclipse JDT general developers list. (406 members)
jdt-doc-dev JDT Documentation discussions. (76 members)
jdt-ui-dev Eclipse JDT UI developers list. (207 members)
jdt.apt-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (8 members)
jetty-announce Jetty announcements mailing list (387 members)
jetty-build Jetty Build list (21 members)
jetty-commit Jetty commit mailing list (25 members)
jetty-dev Jetty @ Eclipse developer discussion list (260 members)
jetty-users JETTY user mailing list (618 members)
jgit-build JGit Build notices (18 members)
jgit-dev JGit Developers list (223 members)
jordan-ec Jordan Community mailing list (6 members)
jst-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (8 members)
jubula-dev Jubula platform and tools development (34 members)
jubula-rc-dev Jubula remote control components development (30 members)
jwt-dev Java Workflow Tooling (57 members)
krikkit-dev Development list for Krikkit IoT AP (15 members)
kura-commit Kura VCS activity (9 members)
kura-dev Kura Developers mailing list (115 members)
ldt-dev ldt developer discussions (7 members)
leshan-commit Leshan project commit notices (8 members)
leshan-dev leshan developer discussions (115 members)
libra-dev Libra developers list (24 members)
linux-distros-dev Eclipse on Linux Distros (109 members)
linux-ide The Linux IDE is a potential collaboration between organizations that would like to build an Eclipse-based Linux IDE. (26 members)
linuxtools-commit Linuxtools project commit notices. (8 members)
linuxtools-dev Linux Tools developer discussions (142 members)
lts-iwg Long-Term Support IWG (84 members)
lyo-dev Lyo project developer discussions (134 members)
m2e-dev Maven Integration for Eclipse developers mailing list (177 members)
m2e-users Maven Integration for Eclipse users mailing list (404 members)
m2e-wtp-dev M2E-WTP Developers mailing list (40 members)
m2m-atl-dev M2M ATL Developer list (89 members)
m2t-dev Model to Text (84 members)
mangrove-dev Mailing list for development related discussions for the mangrove - SOA modeling framework project (21 members)
mat-dev Memory Analyzer Dev list (54 members)
mbeddr-dev Mbeddr project developer discussions (9 members)
mdht-dev mdht developer discussions (19 members)
mdmbl-dev mdmbl developer discussions (16 members)
mdmweb-dev mdmweb developer discussions (33 members) BPMN2 Developers Mailing List (30 members) MDT OCL mailing list (32 members) Papyrus Project list (124 members) Sphinx developers mailing list (30 members) MDT UML2 mailing list (49 members) MDT UML2 Tools mailing list (42 members) XSD Developers (17 members) MDT developers (52 members)
milo-dev milo developer discussions (1 member)
mmt-dev MMT project developer discussions (72 members)
mobile-iwg Mobile Industry Working Group (57 members)
modeling-pmc PMC members mailing list (112 members)
modisco-dev MoDisco project developer discussions (15 members)
mosquitto-dev General development discussions for the mosquitto project (281 members)
mpc-dev Communication between MPC committers (25 members)
mtj-dev MTJ Developer discussions (14 members)
mylyn-announce Mylyn community announcements (262 members)
mylyn-builds-dev Mylyn versions project (18 members)
mylyn-commons-dev Mylyn Commons project (16 members)
mylyn-context-dev Mylyn Contexts project (18 members)
mylyn-dev Mylyn developer discussions (152 members)
mylyn-docs-dev Mylyn docs project (20 members)
mylyn-incubator-dev Mylyn Incubator project (20 members)
mylyn-integrators Mylyn Integrators list (143 members)
mylyn-intent-dev Mylyn Docs Intent project. (14 members)
mylyn-pmc Mylyn PMC discussions (18 members)
mylyn-reviews-dev Mylyn Reviews Project (50 members)
mylyn-tasks-dev Mylyn Tasks project (15 members)
mylyn-versions-dev Mylyn versions project (22 members)
mylyn-vex-dev Vex project developer discussions (7 members)
nattable-dev NatTable development mailing list (29 members)
nebula-dev Nebula Dev (150 members)
netherlands-ec Netherlands Community mailing list (10 members)
northern-virginia-ec Northern Virginia Community mailing list (11 members)
oaw-wg OAW working group (96 members)
objectteams-dev Object Teams developer discussions (5 members)
ogee-dev OGEE developer discussions (6 members)
ohf-cvs-commit CVS commit notifications for OHF (14 members)
om2m-dev OM2M Developer discussions (71 members)
omr-dev omr developer discussions (8 members)
oomph-dev Oomph project developer mailing list (25 members)
opees-private Opees (6 members)
open-measured-data-wg The open MDM Working group mailing list. (108 members)
openk-platform-dev openk-platform developer discussions (10 members)
openkonsequenz-wg OpenKonsequenz Mailing List (68 members)
orbit-dev Orbit Developer discussion (102 members)
orion-dev Orion developer discussions (199 members)
orion-releng Orion build notices and discussions (15 members)
osbp-dev osbp developer discussions (0 members)
osee-dev OSEE Developers mailing list (78 members)
p2-dev P2 developer discussions (178 members)
package-drone-dev package-drone developer discussions (10 members)
paho-dev General development discussions for paho project (313 members)
paho.incubator-dev paho.incubator developer discussions (0 members)
papyrus-rt-dev papyrus-rt developer discussions (26 members)
papyrus-sysml-users Papyrus SYSML user discussions (9 members)
papyrus4edu Papyrus 4 EDU discussions (34 members)
pde-dev Eclipse PDE general developers list. (330 members)
pdt-commit PDT Project VCS activity (10 members)
pdt-dev PDT Developers (193 members)
pdtincubator-dev PDT Incubator project (4 members)
phoenix-dev For developers on the website project. (38 members)
photran Photran Information (404 members)
platform-ant-dev Eclipse Ant integration developers list. (216 members)
platform-core-dev Eclipse Platform Core component developers list. (248 members)
platform-debug-dev Eclipse Platform Debug component developers list. (192 members)
platform-dev Eclipse platform general developers list. (576 members)
platform-doc-dev Platform Documentation discussions. (96 members)
platform-releng-dev Eclipse platform release engineering list. (146 members)
platform-search-dev Eclipse Platform Search component developers list. (90 members)
platform-swt-dev Eclipse Platform SWT component developers list. (806 members)
platform-team-dev Generic team support framework (163 members)
platform-text-dev Eclipse Platform Text component developers list (91 members)
platform-ui-dev Eclipse Platform UI component developers list. (288 members)
platform-vision For discussion regarding the future of the platform (15 members)
pmf-dev pmf developer discussions (0 members)
polarsys-iwg Polarsys IWG (215 members)
ponte-dev Ponte project developer discussions (79 members)
portugal-ec Portugal Community mailing list (6 members)
ptp-announce PTP Announcements (123 members)
ptp-commits PTP VCS commit notices (9 members)
ptp-dev Parallel Tools Platform general developers (128 members)
ptp-dev-remote Discussions relating to PTP working group activities (3 members)
ptp-dev-scaling Discussions relating to PTP working group activities (2 members)
ptp-remote-dev This mailing list is to discuss technical development issues related to remote functionality in PTP. This includes such topics as remote and synchronized projects, remote launching and debugging, and remote enabling functionality in PTP, such as ETFw (19 members)
ptp-scaling-dev This mailing list is to discuss technical development issues related to scalability in PTP. This includes such topics as displaying large numbers of jobs or nodes, monitoring large systems, working with large numbers of files, etc. (13 members)
ptp-user PTP User list (201 members)
qvtd-dev QVTD developers mailing list (12 members)
qvto-dev QVTOML developer mailing list (18 members)
rap-dev RAP project development-related communication (177 members)
rcptt-dev RCP Testing Tool developer discussions (19 members)
rcptt-users RCP Testing Tool general discussions (43 members)
rdf4j-dev rdf4j developer discussions (4 members)
recommenders-dev Recommenders developer discussions (92 members)
recommenders-incubator-dev Recommenders Incubator developer discussions (2 members)
remus-dev Remus developer mailing list (7 members)
richbeans-dev richbeans developer discussions (0 members)
riena-dev Riena Developers list (57 members)
risev2g-dev risev2g developer discussions (6 members)
rmf-dev Developer mailing list for the Requirements Modeling Framework (28 members)
rt-pmc Runtime Project PMC mailing list (45 members)
rtp-dev Mailing list of the RTP project used for development purposes (12 members)
sapphire-dev Sapphire project (13 members)
scada-dev Eclipse SCADA developer discussions (20 members)
science-iwg Science Industry Working Group (158 members)
scout-dev Mailing list for Eclipse Scout developer discussion (48 members)
security Security Issues (7 members)
sequoyah-android-dev Sequoyah Android developers (20 members)
sequoyah-commit Sequoyah Code Commits (4 members)
sequoyah-dev Sequoyah Developers (62 members)
sirius-dev Sirius project developer discussion (49 members)
sisu-dev Sisu project developer discussions (24 members)
sisu-users Sisu project community (29 members)
skalli-dev Skalli project developer mailing list (16 members)
smarthome-dev Eclipse SmartHome development mailing list (91 members)
smila-dev Smila project developer mailing list (53 members)
smila-user Smila project user mailing list (55 members)
soa-commit SOA Platform SVN committs (6 members)
soa-dev General discussion of SOA platform-wide or architectural issues (42 members)
soa-iwg SOA Industry Working Group (38 members)
soa-pmc SOA PMC mailing list (25 members)
soa-users SOA Platform communications and announcements (9 members)
soc-dev Summer of Code dev list (268 members)
spain-ec Eclipse Community in Spain (80 members)
sphinx-dev Sphinx Developer discussions (13 members)
stardust-dev Developer mailing list for Stardust (36 members)
stardust-portal-dev Developer mailing list for Stardust Portal (11 members)
stem-dev STEM developer mailing list (29 members)
stem-ebola STEM project Ebola modeling discussions (38 members)
subversive-defects Subversive defects (36 members)
subversive-dev Developers mailing list (52 members)
switzerland-east-ec Eastern Switzerland Community (41 members)
swtbot-dev SWTBot developers list (96 members)
tcf-dev TCF Development (93 members)
tck.osgi-ct Private mailing list for TCK discussion (1 member)
technology-pmc Technology PMC (85 members)
technology-projects Technology Projects (33 members)
teneo-commit Teneo commit notices (8 members)
testlist1 testlist1 (3 members)
texo-commit Texo commit notices (5 members)
thym-dev Thym developer discussions (16 members)
tiaki-dev tiaki developer discussions (7 members)
tigerstripe-announce Latest news about Tigerstripe (26 members)
tigerstripe-dev Tigerstripe developers list (29 members)
tigerstripe-users Tigerstripe Users list (34 members)
tinydtls-dev tinydtls developer discussions (14 members)
titan-dev titan developer discussions (22 members)
tm-dev TM project developer discussions (45 members)
tmf-dev TMF Common dev list (28 members)
tools-dev General development mailing list of the Eclipse Tools Project (475 members)
tools-leads List for all of the Tools projects PLs (34 members)
tools-pmc Tools PMC mailing list (57 members)
tracecompass-dev tracecompass developer discussions (53 members)
trainers Trainers (43 members)
triquetrum-dev triquetrum developer discussions (14 members)
tycho-dev Tycho developers list (97 members)
tycho-user Tycho user list (401 members)
uae-ec UAE Eclipse community (5 members)
ufk-dev UFaceKit developer mailing list (18 members)
ui-best-practices-working-group User Interface Architecture Working Group (123 members)
uml2-dev This mailing list is used to discuss the development issues for the UML2 project. (324 members)
umlgen-dev Eclipse UML Generators developer dicussion (20 members)
university-outreach University outreach list (25 members)
uomo-core-dev UOMo core developers (4 members)
uomo-dev UOMo developers (5 members)
uomo-ucum-dev UOMo UCUM developers (3 members)
uomo-units-dev UOMo units developers (3 members)
uomo-users UOMo users (6 members)
upr-dev Developers mailing list for UPR (10 members)
vancouver-announce Eclipse events in Vancouver (116 members)
vertx-dev Vertx developer discussions (7 members)
viatra-dev Viatra project developer discussions (20 members)
virgo-build Virgo build notices (9 members)
virgo-dev Virgo Project (142 members)
vjet-dev Discussion about developemnt of VJET technologies (20 members)
vorto-dev vorto developer discussions (47 members)
wakaama-dev Wakaama developer discussions (76 members)
wazaabi-dev Wazaabi Project developer discussions (4 members)
wb-dev Mailing list for discussion of Windowbuilder dev issues involving the core engine, public apis and docs (28 members)
wb-rcp-dev Mailing list for discussion of Windowbuilder dev issues involving the RCP component (11 members)
wb-swing-dev Mailing list for discussion of Windowbuilder dev issues involving SWT,JFace,RCP and eRCP (11 members)
wb-xwt-dev Mailing list for discussion of Windowbuilder dev issues involving the XWT component (11 members)
whiskers-dev whiskers developer discussions (3 members)
winery-dev Winery developer discussions (23 members)
wst-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (9 members)
wtp-cvs-commit CVS individual commit notification list (8 members)
wtp-dev General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues. (318 members)
wtp-incubator-dev WTP Incubator Dev list (75 members)
wtp-jsf-dev Java Server Faces Tools developer discussion (104 members)
wtp-pmc WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions) (48 members)
wtp-releng Webtools releng discussion list (71 members)
wtp-wst-dev Web Standard Tools developer discussions. (237 members)
xsd-dev XSD discussion list (163 members)
xtext-dev Xtext dev list (108 members)
xwt-dev XWT developers mailing list (9 members)