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Re: [xtext-dev] eclipse.org disk quota notice

Dear webmasters,

we tried to reduce the amount of space we use and removed everything which is unnecessary.
We also regenerated the JavaDocs to generate only what's necessary.
Unfortunately 2GB is to little space.

This is mainly because we want to provide Downloads and JavaDoc for the past releases.
Also we provide a distribution of the latest release for convenience.

Here's what we currently have (3,3G)

137M	./javadoc/2.2.1
134M	./javadoc/2.1.0
125M	./javadoc/2.0.0
125M	./javadoc/2.0.1
134M	./javadoc/2.1.1
137M	./javadoc/2.2.0
790M	./javadoc
1,5G	./downloads/distros
664M	./downloads/drops
2,1G	./downloads
60M	./maven/org
2,2M	./maven/com
63M	./maven
52K	./updates/composite
68M	./updates/milestones
167M	./updates/releases
93M	./updates/nightly
326M	./updates
3,3G	.

We won't have packaged eclipse downloads for old versions, and might eventually be able to remove the 32 Bit versions.
Also we plan to have JavaDoc only for minor version in the future. But even with these optimizations we might need even more space
in the future. 

Unless you have other suggestions I'd like to ask to increase the threshold to 5GB.

Best Regards

On Dec 17, 2011, at 12:34 PM, Eclipse Webmaster (Automated) wrote:

> Sven,
> The downloads area disk quota has been reached for project modeling.tmf. You are receiving this e-mail because you are one of the committers who has write access to the project's downloads area.
> 3 GB of space are used, and the quota is set at 2 GB.
> Please check your files and delete any files that are no longer in use 
> or are no longer needed, such as nightly, stable and integration builds.
> If you want to preserve older Release builds, please move your directories to 
> the http://archive.eclipse.org location (Typically /home/data/httpd/archive.eclipse.org).
> Please see 'How Do I?' section in the Portal for information (http://portal.eclipse.org).
> You can check your Quota status via the committer tools ('Tools for all committers'->'Disk space/quotas')  .
> If you have any questions or concerns regarding your disk quotas,
> please send an email to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx