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[wtp-releng] Some changes coming to wtp builds and resulting repo we produce

Today, Friday 1/20, we are trying some changes to the WTP build. I'll send
more detailed notes later, to wtp-dev once everything is confirmed as

But, if you see some odd breakages today, rest assured we are ready to
revert :)

For details, see
Bug 369171 - Move up to non-greedy p2 publisher


I'll first try changing the Orbit repo prereq (since Orbit is changing to
non-greedy repo) and then change our builder, so we would then produce
non-greedy repo.

Please comment on the bug if questions or concerns, but the thought is best
to do this by M5, so if there are subtle issues for downstream projects
(or, less likely, us, in WTP), then they can be fixed by M6 ... the
EclispeCon build.