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[wtp-proposal] WTP Proposal Process Next Steps

The membership-at-large comment process has successfully concluded, but a
number of people have suggested that I have not explained the next steps
sufficiently. I apologize for that oversight and offer the following

The project proposers (Christophe Ney, Arthur Ryman, Naci Dai, and Mitch
Sonies), led by ObjectWeb, put together a good initial proposal and have
revised it based on membership-at-large feedback. They've done a great job
and I would like to make sure that I have sufficiently thanked them for
their effort so far.

As per the Eclipse Development Process, the next step is the Creation Review
by the EMO (the Eclipse Management Organization). This Review is scheduled
for Thursday, June 10th. The minutes of that meeting will be posted to the
newsgroup and the mailing list.

After the Creation Review, the WTP organizers are planning a kick-off
meeting for June 16, 17, and possibly 18th, organized and hosted by
ObjectWeb. The goal of this meeting (and, indeed, of any kick-off meeting)
is to get the project started on a solid organizational, architectural, and
administrative footing. An additional goal of this meeting will be to
continue to revise the Proposal in order to make the strongest possible
presentation to the Board.

Assuming a positive review by the EMO on June 10th, and a successful
kick-off meeting June 16, 17, and 18th, the EMO will present the proposal to
the Board on June 25th. If the Board approves the project, then it becomes
an official Eclipse.org project with a CVS repository, website, mailing
lists, etc.

If you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact me.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
WTP Proposal Shepherd