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Re: [wtp-pmc] JPA Diagram Editor Release Review

Hi Wayne,


We have just discussed this issue in the WTP PMC. We decided that the best approach should be that the JPA Diagram Editor, which is currently a WTP Incubator Component, âmovesâ to a new subproject (yet incubating) under the WTP Dali project. So, at the end, we release version 0.5 from this new JPA Diagram Editor project and not from the WTP Incubator component.


Now, the big question is: âHow is this going to happen?â. We suggest that we extend the Release Review to a âPre-graduation Release Review + Move/Creation Reviewâ. We will include some more slides in the document, which describe the âmove mechanicsâ â what infrastructure moves where.


Does this sound reasonable? Do we need to create a new proposal document? We still have the one from the time we introduced the JPA Diagram Editor in the WTP Incubator:







From: Raev, Kaloyan
Sent: 12 ÐÐÐÐÐÑÐ 2010 Ð. 18:54 Ñ.
To: 'Wayne Beaton'
Cc: Dimov, Stefan
Subject: RE: JPA Diagram Editor Release Review


Thanks, Wayne.


We will discuss this in the PMC.





From: Wayne Beaton [mailto:wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 12 ÐÐÐÐÐÑÐ 2010 Ð. 18:47 Ñ.
To: Raev, Kaloyan
Cc: Dimov, Stefan
Subject: Re: JPA Diagram Editor Release Review


There is no notion of releasing a component in the EDP. Only projects can release and projects designated as "incubators" don't tend to release at all.

If you think that JPA Diagram Editor is ready to stand on its own outside of the incubator, then maybe it's time to create a new project for it. Or perhaps it should move to another project under WTP and align with their release schedule.


Woolsey's not ready yet.

Raev, Kaloyan wrote:

Hi Wayne,


We would like to schedule a release review for the JPA Diagram Editor, which is currently incubating under the WTP Incubator.


Which is the next possible date to schedule a Release Review?


I attach the docuware, that Stefan (the project lead) has prepared. The only thing left is to generate the IP Log. Could you give us some instructions how to do this? We try to use the Woolsey tools, but we are not sure if it is âproduction readyâ. Could you point us to some documentation how to use it?



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