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[wtp-pmc] Moving faceted project framework codebase

Esteemed members of WTP PMC,


I would like to join one of the upcoming PMC calls to discuss moving the existing faceted project framework code base from WTP Common to the Faceted Project Framework (fproj) project under Technology. The fproj project already contains the v-next code line for the framework. I originally thought that it would make sense to leave the existing code line in WTP while v-next is being developed, but experience over the past year has shown this structure to be less than optimal. It is more difficult than necessary to propagate changes from the maintenance line to v-next, the community is fragmented between two projects (forums and mailing lists) and governance issues can present a challenge.


In terms of logistics, I’d like to propose the following:


1. Wait until Helios is complete.

2. Do a move review.

3. Ask EMO to copy relevant plugins and features from WTP CVS location to the new project. This will preserve all the history.

4. Start producing builds from this code line. Same plugin id’s, feature id’s, package names, etc. will be used as in WTP.

5. WTP build is altered to consume these binaries instead of building from local source.

6. Ask EMO to delete the moved plugins and features from WTP CVS repository.


The result will be a 1.x code line for maintenance and backwards compatibility work sitting alongside 2.x (v-next) code line. WTP would consume 1.x builds for foreseeable future. When version 2.0 is ready, the next 1.x release will be a backwards compatibility shim that will let existing code written against 1.x releases work with 2.0 framework.  Tentative release schedule is as follows:


1.4.1 – aligned with Helios SR1 dates

1.4.x – other service releases as necessary

2.0/1.5 – part of Summer 2011 release




- Konstantin