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[wtp-pmc] Project Declaration on Workflow Process Definition

As discussed a few weeks ago, below is the intent of declaration
that will be submitted by OpenWide for a creation of a Workflow project.

Here are the questions:

- Can the PMC confirm that such project should be indeed launched
as a Technology subproject and not be part of WTP.

- Should the WTP PMC declare it's support to the creation of such project
leveraging WTP technologies.



As per the Eclipse Development Process, we are notifying the Eclipse Membership-at-Large of the intent of openwide.com and objectweb.org to propose JWF Java Workflow Project as part of the Technology PMC.

 A brief description of the project is below.
 A project proposal will be posted on www.eclipse.org in a week or so.

 Project Declaration for "JWF Project"

 The JWF Project, an Eclipse Technology Subproject

 The JWF Project is composed of two tools, a workflow editor and workflow engine administration/monitoring tool.
 The workflow editor will focus on improving the facilities within Eclipse for building workflow process.
 It intends to let users quickly create workflow process definitions,  check and store them in XPDL (XML Process Definition Language), a WfMC (Workflow  Management Coalition ) specification.

 Workflow Definition will be based on XML schema published by WfMC.
 The workflow engine administration/monitoring tool will be used by administrator to manage XPDL engine.

 It can be used to handle XPDL engine's external repository containing XPDLs (to upload new XPDL files  or delete existing ones),to load some XPDL file into a specific Workflow Engine, unload it, update it,  to instantiate and monitor Workflow Engine's processes, to perform mappings among participant definitions  and real users, and among application definitions and Tool agents.

 Application developers will be able to use the workflow editor, the workflow administration APIs and plug-ins to create and manage workflows that are compatible with the WfMC standard.