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[wtp-pmc] Re: Request for JSP and JDBC support on the WTP Web server


I'd like to discuss this request. We'd like to establish a database and Web app for accessing performance measurements. We need Eclipse Foundation to host JSP apps and Derby. The PMC needs to approve this request and communicate it to the Eclipse Foundation.

Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

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Jeffrey Liu/Toronto/IBM

05/02/2005 11:26 AM

Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Request for JSP and JDBC support on the WTP Web server

Hi Arthur,

I owe you a paragraph on setting up a performance Webapp on the WTP Web server. Here it is:

One of the key objectives of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project is to provide a generic Web and J2EE tools platform for other vendors to extend. To stay competitive and to foster the adoption of WTP, WTP must perform well. For example, runs fast and use as little memory as possible, etc. To help ensure WTP has high performance, we are setting up automated performance testing as part of the WTP build process. This allows us to identity and fix performance problems early on. We will be using the performance testing infrastructure provided by Eclipse. This infrastructure uses a Derby database to maintain all the performance data. These data must be easily accessible by WTP developers. A possible approach is to setup a Web application on the WTP Web server, which will serve as the user interface to access the performance data (these performance data will be uploaded to the Web server as part of the build process). To setup such application, we'll require the WTP Web server to support more than just PHP. Therefore, we would like to make a request to the Eclipse Web master to support JSP and JDBC on the WTP Web server.


Jeffrey Liu
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