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[wtp-jsf-dev] Extension point in Visual Page editor of JSF



I am trying to add some features in the palette of  the Visual page editor of JSF which is provided as part of WTP.


For example I need to add extra option in the right click of command button, so that I can browse all the beans and their methods (in a tree format) available in the project.


Once a particular method is available the underlying jsf code should change to incorporate the method name in the command tag like


<h:commandButton action="" (Seam Specific action binding)


I have implemented it by changing the org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.jsf.ui &  org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner plugin code, but it would be a cleaner and extensible approach if I can do it through extension point mechanism


If anyone can provide some help on extension point approach, it would be greatly appreciated



Neeraj Bhatt