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[wtp-jsf-dev] Changes to JSF Metadata Services

A check-in to HEAD on the JSF Tools Project is about to be made that will affect any one who is using the JSF “CMAnnotationFiles” feature.   We will be replacing this feature with another we are calling the Metadata Framework.   Please note that this work is not yet fully complete and the provisional APIs are still subject to change.  We will be posting a document on this framework to our wiki very soon.


This CMAnnotationFiles feature was the main mechanism used to provide metadata to the JSF tooling in WTP 1.5.x.   Adopters who are currently using CMAnnotationFiles must make the switch for 2.0 as we will not be supporting or using the old API.   This will not affect R-1.5.x adopters. 


There will be two classes of developers affected by this change.   The developers who were simply using the CMAnnotationFiles extension-point to provide metadata will notice that their metadata is not being used for the content assist and validation features that the JSF team has provided.   Those who built their own features/tools using the CMAnnotationFiles APIs will notice that they are not working.  We will initially be logging a plugin error when the old API is accessed.   By WTP 2.0 M6, however, the CMAnnotationFile packages will be removed.


We think that you will find the migration to the new EMF model-based solution to be very simple, and that you will benefit from this change in the long run.    We would very much like to hear from those of you who are going to be affected by this change.    Please comment to this list or to the tracking bug,  https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=172963.



Gerry Kessler

WTP JSF Tools Project