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[wtp-incubator-dev] Migrate incubator projects to Git?

I'd like to toss out the idea that the WTP Incubator move off of CVS and over to Git. The eclipse webmasters put out a general call earlier asking for interested projects to do the migration. Since the code in the incubator is pretty self contained, we could do this on a per component basis. It would also give us a place as a group to test out and figure out any migration issues that can occur and any build infrastructure changes that may need to occur as well. The items we learn here could help benefit the community as a whole.

There are some risks assummed by this move. First while the eGit plugin is improving drastically every day, it still doesn't have all the feature level support of the CVS client. So those using git repos would need to be willing to help out the eGit project and when necessary move to command line for some items. I suspect that eGit is going to get to where it needs to be within the next 3 months.

There are build issues that will need to be addressed. I'm planning on migrating Vex's CI build on Hudson to Maven/Tycho, but keeping existing functionality in place for the current WTP build. The speed improvements I've seen in build times with maven have been pretty significant compared to other methods I've seen. PsychoPath the XPath 2.0 processor went from an average of 20 minutes down to about 2 minutes for a complete build. XQuery I've seen similar results, but running under 50 seconds.

Anyways, thought I'd toss this out to the incubator committers and get some feedback.