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[wtp-dev] Java EE Deployment Descriptor Editors

WTP Community,


I recently received approval to put resources on implementing deployment descriptor editors for standard Java EE module descriptors. We would like to contribute this effort to Eclipse and develop in the open from the start. The initial rough scope is form-based editors for web.xml, application.xml and ejb-jar.xml for Java EE 1.4+. The editors would be built using Sapphire technology and present a unified view over XML and all the relevant annotations. The editors would be relevant even for projects where no XML-based module descriptors are used.


If time and resources allows (or other parties help out), the scope can expand to cover the remainder of the Java EE module descriptors.


I will put together a more formal proposal for an incubator project under WTP in the next few weeks, but I wanted to throw this out early to gather feedback. I will be at EclipseCon next week, so if you are there and want to get together to chat about this or anything else, send me a note.




- Konstantin