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[wtp-dev] Please ready the New & Noteworthy for M4

It's time again to put together the New and Noteworthy for our newest milestone.  The place holders for M4 are in the web site repository and you can browse the in-progress version at http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/development/news/3.3M4/ .  As usual, if a project doesn't have anything written up when I go to update our news feed, I'll just comment out their link to it from the overview page.  Let's try an have this ready by the status call on the 9th.

To set your workspace up to edit your project's contents, Committers should connect to the web site CVS repository at :extssh:dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/org.eclipse and either check out the contents of the /www/webtools folder, or just the folder for this milestone in /www/webtools/development/news/3.3M4.  Like the rest of our Indigo-ized web site, we use a PHP-based XSL transformation on the XML contents to generate our web pages.  The transform means we're not all editing individual web pages directly, helping us keep a consistent layout.   Opening the XML files locally in a web browser will allow you to see them in a rendered form, minus the Indigo styling.  The pages themselves are loosely organized around groups of projects, but that's always changeable if desired.

Remember: good content for the New and Noteworthy includes additions that users will see, and hopefully, be delighted with. Screenshots are a must.  Showing the diversity of the platforms we all work on is fine, but be mindful to crop images them so the final resultant page fits in the display resolutions our users would have.  API additions or changes, significant version number updates, and especially migration information should instead be recorded in a yet-to-be-created "New Help for Old Friends" document.  As always, if there are any questions, let me know.

Thanks all,
Nitin Dahyabhai

Eclipse WTP Source Editing and JSDT
IBM Rational