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[wtp-dev] Vote for JAX-WS Move Concludes

This note is to conclude, and summarize for easy reference, the successful vote for the JAX-WS Move and the 3 new committers to Webservices.

4 affirmatives, no objections, and 3 non-votes considered abstains.

Re: [wtp-dev] Webservices Committers: need vote for JAX-WS Move Eric D. Peters
Re: [wtp-dev] Webservices Committers: need vote for JAX-WS Move Valentin Baciu
Re: [wtp-dev] Webservices Committers: need vote for JAX-WS Move Keith Chong
[wtp-dev] Webservices Committers: need vote for JAX-WS Move David M Williams

This will become formally effective after the Move Review, scheduled for 3/10.
Welcome to Shane, Oisin, and Danail.

And thanks to you all.


From: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 02/25/2010 01:36 AM
Subject: [wtp-dev] Webservices Committers: need vote for JAX-WS Move
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Webservices Committers,

I hope you all know by now that the JAX-WS team has formally applied to move from the WTP Incubator Project to the Webservices Project, where it will plan to Release with Helios, in June.

They have been well integrated with WTP's builds, processes, and weekly rhythm, for some time and they have well demonstrated they are a sustainable effort, with many users and adopters in the Eclipse Community.

You can read their complete proposed-move document attached to bug 302899.


The review itself will be scheduled for March 10, but there is one pre-review work item that remains to be done: to document the Webservices Project acceptance of this move and acceptance of the new committers that come with the code.

As best as I understand the Eclipse Development Process, the vote is for both the component move and the committers, as a group, all together (i.e. one vote for everything, one veto for everything, or, I guess, one abstain for everything).  

The following is the list of Webservices committers eligible to vote.

1.        Valentin Baciu
2.        Keith Chong
3.        Eric D. Peters
4.        Peter Moogk
5.        Kate Price
6.        Lahiru Sandakith
7.        David Williams

While the document attached to bug 302899 give much more detail, below are the high level bio's of the committers.

Please study the histories and documents and join me in voting +1 for this worthy, well-earned addition to WTP.

Thank you,

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Committers Bios

Shane Clarke -- Component Lead, Individual Committer

Eclipse developer working on Eclipse products and plug-ins since 2003.

Started the development of the JAX-WS Tools component in 2008 while

working for IONA Technologies. Responsible for the design and

implementation of multiple features in the JAX-WS Tools component.

Currently a committer on the Orbit project.

Oisin Hurley -- Committer, Progress Software

Open Source Tools Architect at Progress Software working on the FUSE

Integration Designer. Oisin is also the PMC lead for the SOA Tools

Project and a committer on the SCA Tools, Orbit and b3 projects. Oisin

worked on the initial JAX-WS Tools contribution and continues to work on

the JAXB Tooling in the component. Oisin is a member of the Architecture

and Planning Councils and mentors the Faceted Framework, BPMN Modeler and

Swordfish projects.

Danail Branekov -- Committer, SAP AG

Danail is an Eclipse developer at SAP AG since 2004. He has been focused

on implementing web service provisioning and consumption tools in the

Eclipse based SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. He co-developed the JAX-WS

DOM Tools contribution and continues to work on that contribution in an

integration, maintenance and support role.

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