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[wtp-dev] Using ModelQueryExtension

Hi all,

I'm having trouble implementing the
org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.modelQueryExtensions extension point.

I've declared it as follows in my plugin.xml:

<extension point="org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.modelQueryExtensions">

and also built a class that extends ModelQueryExtension:

public class MyModelQueryExtension extends ModelQueryExtension {

      public MyModelQueryExtension() {
              System.out.print("NEVER CALLED\n");

      public String[] getAttributeValues(Element e, String namespace,
String name) {
              //See XSDModelQueryExtension for example...


This is my first Eclipse plugin, so if anyone could explain to me the
mechanism that fires this code, that might help.  Even in the JSP and
XSD packages that use this code, I haven't been able to find the place
where it is invoked (or where the listener is added).

Has anyone had success with this extension point?  Also, if anyone
knows of any real documentation on the topic, that would be great as
well.  As far as I can tell, there's almost nothing, as this is meant,
for now, to be an internal extension point.


Jim Kremens