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Re: [wtp-dev] how to stop a server by terminating the class started the server

Is there anyway to stop the started jvm in the console when we stop the server??

Saminda Wijeratne wrote:

I'm trying to use the WSAS server as a runtime server inside eclipse as a plugin. In the serverdefinition file I specified the Main class which should be run, along with the working directory, vm parameters etc. When the plugin is deployed, when I start the server it starts correctly as it should. But I have several problems. The WSAS server expects that the server ends when the Main class is terminated. There is no other class that can be called to stop the server like in the Tomcat. In the console if I terminate the currect running class (which is the WSAS Main class), the server stops. But I dont know how to do this when "stop" is clicked in the server view. The serverdefinition file in the stop tag only allows to specify a class to run to stop a running server or an external application to run the server. We cannot say to terminate the class which is still running when we had clicked start/debug.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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