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[wtp-dev] WTP 2.0 RC3 Plans

Please see Tim's note on how we're starting to crack down in order to tighten up the release.

Also, just a reminder, we do plan on having a "weekly" declared RC3 build this Friday.  We will not declare it to the downloads page, but we will smoke test and declare as such from the committers page.  This is to allow adopters to continue to pick up builds regulary despite the wacky Europa shutdown schedules. (RC3 will officially be declared a week from Thursday, June 14)

PMC members, since the runway is short and 2 votes are now required for review, please be actively checking your bugs for approval.  Currently, there are 8 bugs awaiting PMC review.


John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
t/l 441-7861