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Re: [wtp-dev] JEE 5 Working Group Meeting - Agenda


Thank you for the detailed explanations. I have looked at the bugs to get a feel for JBoss reqs. There are lots of good things in there.

I think it would be very useful to gather these thoughts under a few common topics. Maybe Robert, can merge some of those bugs under Chuck's EJB3 bugs, and model extensibility discussions that is being lead by SAP.

It will help us focus on critical items.

Hi guys,

- Review M3 & M4 status for EJB 3.0 Facets and Projects
- Review JEE 5 Model Extension Point Design (Hristo Sabev)

I promised before the holidays to give some info about how we had and are
adding EJB3 support to JBossIDE and at the same time tries to be compatible
with WTP projects; so here better late than never:

What we have done is basically to create a EJB3 facet that is the best way we
can hook into the lifecycle/wizardry of WTP components until true JEE 5 project(s)
support is added to WTP. Thus the ejb3 facet today is basically just a "container"
for the library dependencies and used as a "tag" to identify the ejb3 capabilities
and it will probably be phased out when WTP gets JEE 5 support.

I write "probably" because another issue with WTP is it's restrictive layout/structure
which users are not too happy about being restricted too - thus we might still need
the EJB3 facet to support less rigid project structures (because WTP is bound to modules
for which there can only be one even though that is not always what users want);
but that is another bigger discussion that is a topic for another discussion (normally done at eclipsecon ;)

Going back to the EJB3 facet'ing and our need to "hook" in and extend/bend WTP to allow
us to provide EJB3 facilities our main issues have been mix of small things,
but some problems based on the entire nature / structure of the API. Most of
the small things had to do with bugs in background upstream classes that
(seemingly) assumed only a very few people would actually be using or extending those
classes and then the "impedance mismatch" between Server/Runtimes and JBoss (and other servers) configurability.
To get a view/feel of the issues we bumped into the best way is to look at the bugs Robert Stryker reported/commented on in context of WTP:


I can unfortunately not always attend the JEE 5 conf call, but Robert Stryker
will try and attend these.

Happy New Year!

Max Rydahl Andersen


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