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[wtp-dev] Final M4 WTP bits are ready

Well  ... darn close. We may want to fix a license file issue that prevents update manager from installing JPA SDK
(if interested, see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=169502)

But, it is ready for all components to do a sanity check as the license file thing is very isolated, if we
do decide to fix it.

So, all component-development teams please arrange to do two types of sanity checks .... 1) using zips, 2) using update manager.

You can do your normal "smoke test" twice (once for each type of install),
but I don't think we need a smoke test page (unless John overrules me :)
as we can simply take a "vote" at the Thursday 2:00 status meeting if there are any objections.
(but, if blocking problem found, no need to wait till then to let us know!)

Assuming all is well by then, we'll promote these bits to declared status, and update all the Europa sites/status.

For zip testing, please use the build from
2.0M4 Thu, 4 Jan 2007 -- 01:46 (UTC)
with all the exact pre-reqs listed there (note, no JEM required, as we are now including a patched version for our M4).

For the update site testing, you will, for now, need to install the Eclipse Base, and all the pre-reqs first (from zips), and
with that as your starting IDE, define a new remote update site with a URL of

As always, don't hesitate with question!