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[wtp-dev] Latest on disk quota

Just so everyone can rest easy over the weekend :)

Our disk quota has been increase, and we've cleaned up some old unnecessary stuff, so
we currently have plenty of room, and should be enough to handle our "continuous build"
steam which goes from near zero on Friday afternoon to 8 or so gigs by the next Friday
morning. (if it gets any worse, though, we may have to reduce the amount of those we leave ...
in other words, something like "last two days" instead of "since last declared build".).
The main issue here, is that it complicates the backup system which that much churn on
files of that size.

The main reason I'm sending this note is to document that some group ownerships were
changed ... turns out this was another way we were different from all the other projects,
which is why to many people were receiving quota notices. So, we were dragged
along into compliance :)

So now,
CVS is owned by webtools,
the downloads are owned by webtoolsadmin and the
website is owned by webtools-home

I mention this since there is the teeniest, tiniest chance a combination of errors might
effect what you could access ... so, if something seems off, be sure to ask. (It should _not_
effect it ... its just we've discover flukes in the distant past).