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Re: [wtp-dev] EMF2XML translation reverse mapping

Hi Cam,

It's not an API type thing, but you can look for the EMF2DOM(SSE?)Adapter [there's one for straight DOM and one for SSE] on the EMF object (see EcoreUtil.getExistingAdapter()). From there, you should be able to track through to the corresponding XML node. The adapter is an EMF adapter that responds to changes in the EMF model, and uses the Translators to convert the value to one that can be parsed into an XML change (either element or attribute value). When using SSE, there's something similar on the SSE model side (another adapter looking for changes directly to the SSE model), so if you track back an SSE model and making changes, you'll be in sync. I don't believe DOM responds to changes in the DOM, so be aware that any changes you make there, you'll have to make in the EMF model as well, if they correspond. Also note that when you change the EMF model, it'll generate the same event into the DOM as well. You'll probably have to do a little digging, and I'd recommend being very careful doing this as making programmatic changes to the XML is not considered a best practice. I'd just recommend that you ensure you've evaluated all other options before doing this.

Generally, anything available in the document (e.g. Namespaces, etc) is available through EMF API. Might be worth double checking that there's not an existing EMF API to do whatever it is you're about to do.

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12/07/2006 08:35 PM

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[wtp-dev] EMF2XML translation reverse mapping

Given an EMF object create throught XML2EMF/ArtifactEdit framework, is
it currently possible to map back to the XML node that generated that
object?  If not, has this ever be considered and would be a lot of work?

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