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Re: [wtp-dev] JEE5 Support - Status Meetings Time Set

If its ok, I would like to attend this to listen in.  The Apache Geronimo project is targeted to have full JEE5 support in Geronimo 2.0 by mid next year and we will rely heavily on WTP to have JEE 5 support.  

On Nov 28, 2006, at 10:52 AM, Shaun Smith wrote:

I'll attend too.


Shaun Smith
Principal Product Manager
Oracle TopLink

Naci Dai wrote:
*Call info:*

   * Tollfree in the US: 866-214-3176
   * Alternate: 404-827-9098
   * Access code: 8870689#

*Call Time:  *Thursday: 11 AM EST ( 6 PM GMT+2)  (First call on: Nov 30, 2006)

Current List of People Interested in Participating in the Focus Group:

   * Chuck Bridgham - As the Component and Tech Lead for the EE5 Models
   * David Williams
   * Neil Hauge - Mapping Annotations
   * Kaloyan Raev - Adopter/Contributor
   * Konstantin Komissarchik / Rob Frost
   * Raghunathan Srinivasan
   * Naci Dai
   * Max Andersen
   * Brian Vosburgh

The agenda for the first meeting is:

- The logistics of the focus group meetings
- Review of the discussions so far
- Review Plan Items
- Solicit resources and contributors to implement the support

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