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Re: [wtp-dev] JEE5 Support - Status Meetings Time Set

I'll attend too.


Shaun Smith
Principal Product Manager
Oracle TopLink

Naci Dai wrote:
*Call info:*

   * Tollfree in the US: 866-214-3176
   * Alternate: 404-827-9098
   * Access code: 8870689#

*Call Time: *Thursday: 11 AM EST ( 6 PM GMT+2) (First call on: Nov 30, 2006)

Current List of People Interested in Participating in the Focus Group:

   * Chuck Bridgham - As the Component and Tech Lead for the EE5 Models
   * David Williams
   * Neil Hauge - Mapping Annotations
   * Kaloyan Raev - Adopter/Contributor
   * Konstantin Komissarchik / Rob Frost
   * Raghunathan Srinivasan
   * Naci Dai
   * Max Andersen
   * Brian Vosburgh

The agenda for the first meeting is:

- The logistics of the focus group meetings
- Review of the discussions so far
See: http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/JEE_5_Support
- Review Plan Items
See: http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/2006-10-26_wtp-requiremements-minutes
- Solicit resources and contributors to implement the support