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[wtp-dev] Reminder of Builds and Testing priorities this week.

Just at reminder that this week (that is, tomorrow, Thursday morning!) we hope all code is in and we can smoke test two builds:

WTP 1.5.3 ... this one is building now, on a new Eclipse 3.2.2 stream (with a correspondingly new EMF build). Hopefully everyone is "done for the week" with that stream, so
we'll have time to get it built and tested for declaration by Friday noon.

WTP 2.0 .. will build later this evening, hopefully with Dali as part of the build (hopefully building cleanly :) ...  with the heroic efforts of Trân Lê and others.  
And .. this is our build to declare as a milestone! I hope everyone has been testing this week.

But ... no one, or few? Have reacted to my request to "move up" to EMF 2.3? (for our WTP 2.0 builds).  That is, there is 25 plugins or so that still have
[2.2,2.3)  instead of [2.2,2.4).  

Was I too vague in my requests? (http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/wtp-dev/msg04758.html)

Have people found problems with it?

Did it get lost in the discussion of what to call JEE 5? :)

Errrr, dare I ask ... has everyone moved up to an M3 version of Eclipse development environment? (If not, please do)

If no one complains quick, or says they have found a problem with using EMF 2.3 stream, I may deviate from my usual "hands off" policy,
change all the delinquent manifest.mf files myself, and add EMF 2.3 to the build. Normally, we'd not make such last minute changes to a
milestone build, but this is such an important move, I am considering it.


P.S. I was just kidding when I said I had a hands off policy. :)