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[wtp-dev] Help needed with XMI DB definition files interpretation

Title: Help needed with XMI DB definition files interpretation


I want to introduce data base definition for MAXDB. Because I haven’t found description about the semantic of <predefinedDataTypeDefinitions > I asked respectively in the mail groups of DALI and DTP, but the information I received is not enough. I got hold of the following model representation:


as well as a more detailed explanation about the process of generation of exemplary XMI:


Unfortunately in the both cases I couldn’t find description about the attributes of the mentioned <predefinedDataTypeDefinitions >.  I searched in the JavaDoc of

org.eclipse.wst.rdb.internal.models.dbdefinition.PredefinedDataTypeDefinition ,
but it is not filled in L
So my question is whether anybody could explain me what is the meaning of the underlined attributes, or to redirect me to the some information source about their interpretation (I suppose about the meaning of some of them, but this approach is not serious).

The example is following:

<predefinedDataTypeDefinitions xmi:id="DECIMAL_1" scaleSupported="true" precisionSupported="true" defaultPrecision="5" defaultScale="0" maximumPrecision="31" keyConstraintSupported="true" primitiveType="DECIMAL" jdbcEnumType="3" javaClassName="java.math.BigDecimal">>


Any help will be appreciated highly.