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RE: [wtp-dev] Question about Validate context menu in 1.5

I got a question about the Validate context menu in 1.5. We’ve had some people notice the difference from how this behaves between 1.0.x and 1.5.x.
1. It appears that Validate now appears on every file type, even ones that are clearly not being validated (such as .properties and .java). Is this expected? If so, could someone explain the reasoning for this change?

This is since .7, Validate action is a IResource contribution that is why it shows up in all of the files.

[kk] I don’t know about that. I just tried this again in 1.0.x. The context menu for an xml file shows “Validate XML File”. The context menu for say MANIFEST.MF does not have any validate items.
2. When Validate menu item is selected, often it is not clear what happened. In 1.0.3 a dialog would appear that would show whether the file validated or not. Is this expected? It seems a bit less user-friendly than the old behavior.

This is due to each validator run in a job, progressview is the place to see the status now.


[kk] Unfortunately, when validation takes a very short time there is just a brief flash and it is not clear to the user what has happened. It seems to me that when validation is explicitly requested via an action menu it should not run in a job. It should run in a modal progress dialog. Also a status message box should be displayed at the end. This is especially important when validation takes short enough amount of time that the progress dialog does not show.
- Konstantin

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