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Re: [wtp-dev] Attention needed for M3 based builds

Hi David,

I've checked in some fixes to get things compiling again... though I'll
need to set aside a few days to figure out how to fix things properly and
get off these internal APIs.  I've opened bug 163177 to track this.  I'm
sure we'll need to have some discussion with the platform team to get their
advice on this.  I've assigned this problem to Gabriel (on my team)  but I
expect it'll take a week or two for internal product deadlines to wind down
before he'll be able to actively address this.

Also I should note that I've branched the common.ui plugin now ... so any
1.5 changes for this plugin need to go into the R1_5_maintenance branch.
(dual maintenance... yuck!)



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There's two issues with us moving up to M3.

1. Many Plugins need pre-req range fixed

I fixed these up in a minimal way, but see bug 162842 for other actions you
may need to make.

2. Some of our "internal use" is back to haunt us. Some changes with
"search internals"
will cause compile errors. This is a good time for you to put in permanent
fixes ... Craig. :)
Please check compile logs >= 10/31.

The massive failures in JUnit plugins are being investigated by the experts
(i.e. Naci)
It seems to be only the "UI tests" that are failing ... so, I suspect,
something's changed with our Xvfb server
on our build machine.
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