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[wtp-dev] Announcing WTP 1.5.2

It's official! Much thanks everyone.

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Announcing WTP 1.5.2
It seems like only a month ago we released 1.5.1 ... oh, wait, it was only a
month ago!  
But during that 1.5.1 shutdown process we knew there were some bugs that we
just could not fix then, but just could not wait until next February.
Hence, we have fixed about 40 bugs in this quick 1.5.2 maintenance release.
We deliberately limited ourselves to only the worst bugs for this quick
maintenance release, but many of those especially effected "industrial use",
such as performance problems which might not even show up until you have
thousands of files, or scores of projects.
For a complete list of bugs fixed in 1.5.2, see
For those of you that already have 1.5.1 (or 1.5.0) installed, you can use
"Help, Software Updates, Find and Install ..., Search for updates of
currently installed features." and you should get all the updates associated
with WTP 1.5.2. (there were no changes in our required pre-reqs).
Or, if you prefer zip files, we have our usual assortment of all-in-ones, SDKs,
and Runtimes available at
Note that if anyone tries to use the Callisto Discovery update site
directly, the 1.5.2 version may not show up there for a day or two, though
technically, you could still install 1.5.1 from there (with pre-reqs) and
then "search for updates of currently installed features"
As usual, much thanks to everyone for your participation and use of WTP.