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[wtp-dev] Request PMC approvals for J2EE defects

The J2EE Team here in RTP has several defect ready for PMC review:

158619  maj          P2          jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx          cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx          ASSI                    jst.j2ee          1.5.2 M152          PMC          performance          [project creation] Need default setting for java output f...
158623         cri         P1         jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx         cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [performance] ComponentDeployable members() to recognize ...
158825         cri         P1         jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx         jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 wst.comm         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [emfWorkbench] Use of EMF2DOMAdapterImpl now requires OSGI
159026         maj         P2         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         tjbishop@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [hotbug][j2ee] 'EAR Libraries' does not include JAR files...
159158         cri         P2         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [j2ee] InvertClientJARDependencyCompoundOperation throwin...
159160         maj         P2         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         deboer@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [import/export] J2EE module import adds invalid reference
160019         maj         P2         cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx         cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC         performance         [modulecore] Problem with DependencyGraph timestamp checking
160226         maj         P2         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx         ASSI                 jst.j2ee         1.5.2 M152         PMC                         [modulecore] VirtualComponent: Concurrent Modification Ex...

links are below:


Each defect has an explaination of the problem for justification, and also a detailed explaination of the fix involved.  
These defects/patches have already undergone internal review and testing, and we'll be glad to provide any additional details if required.

Thanks - Chuck

Rational J2EE Tooling Team Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
Email:  cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 919-254-1848 (T/L: 444)