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[wtp-dev] WTP 2.0 M1 Declared: 2.0M1 Fri, 1 Sep 2006 -- 01:31 (UTC) -- with cautions

2.0M1   Fri, 1 Sep 2006 -- 01:31 (UTC)

This is our first milestone on the Eclipse 3.3 stream!

It is functionally, very similar to the 1.5.1 stream, but should not be
considered "production" or "release" quality. It is a milestone checkpoint, and should allow
the avant-garde to make progress on the 3.3. based stream.

There are some known issues, the largest being that to use the graphical XSD and WSDL editors, you may have
to replace the swt fragment with an earlier, or later version than the one that is in Eclipse 3.3M1. (See bug 155283).

Also, for PPC users (with Linux, at least) you may need to remove the advanced file system fragement that
was shipped with Eclipse 3.3M1 (see bug 154856).

There may be a bug releated to jars not getting added to the java build path, though it appears rare (and intermitant) (see 155898).

Least important now ... but, the reason the build was held up a few days .... the compiler results on the download page do not contain all of the warnings, due to a "gather" bug in the build scripts (see bug 155921)

As always we appreciate general reports of use and bugs, though we will turn to focus on finishing up 1.5.1 now.