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Re: [wtp-dev] Too few Internal non-API use bugs?

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between "internal API violations" as referred here and "Discouraged access" JDT compiler error message?

David M Williams wrote:

Our 1.5.0 release had *27 plugins* with "internal API violations".
See http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/downloads/drops/R1.5/R-1.5.0-200606281455/apiresults/api-violation-summary.html

Our last declared 1.5.1 maintenance build had *15 plugins* with such violations
See http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/downloads/drops/R1.5/M-1.5.1-200608241726/apiresults/api-violation-summary.html

And, I think 2 of those should not be on the list, that fixes have been made, but the plugin owners apparently did not release the fixes?
wsdl.ui and rdb.connection.ui?

So, 27 to 13? A reduction of half the plugins with violations? In a maintenance release?

First, this tells me to say thanks to everyone making the fixes ... and while I made most of them, I appreciate everyone else who helped.

Second, most of these fixes were for "easy" things, for which there were obvious API alternatives or commonly used work-arounds (such
as "copying" strings, instead of refering to non-api versions of the strings).

Third ... what the heck happened for 1.5.0 release ... well, I guess I took my eye off the list and just assumed every component was carefully
managing their usage. Since that wasn't the case, I will be focusing on this serioius problem as we finish up 151 and begin 2.0,

In particular, of the 13 remaining plugins, I see only 5 or so "[internal api]" bugs opened in WTP. We should have at least one bug open
in WTP for each plugin that shows up in the violations report, just to explain the usage, and if its really required, point to the
feature request we've opened to "fix" in the future.

So, maybe the bugs weren't open? Or, have something other than [internal api] in their subject?

In either case, we'll start a little "component owners hot seat" section of the status call, so that if the bugs are not open by the status call,
we'll go through the plugins in violation one by one, and the component owners can explain on the spot. I need to understand
these, and what we need from other projects next release!


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