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[wtp-dev] Why is GenericServer serverdef tied to the runtime rather than the server type?


Can anyone tell me why the GenericServer server definition (.serverdef) is
tied to the server runtime rather than to the server?

The use case I have is this: A module is associated with a runtime. There
can be several different kinds of server (local, remote, clustered) - but
they have the same runtime i.e. they have the same capabilities, the same
classpath etc. It should be possible to target the module at the runtime,
and then deploy it to any of the server types (without having to change the
runtime the module is targetted at).

I do not understand why, on the one hand the runtime and server type are
separate, but when using the GenericServer, the server definition is tied
back to the runtime, effectively requiring a 1:1 coupling between the server
and the runtime.

It seems to me that this defeats the point of the server and runtime
separation. Would it be possible to consider enhancing the design to allow
for this (IMO) key use case?


David Black
Cape Clear Software