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[wtp-dev] New Module Types in WST


I am currently working to add JBI support to Eclipse and I based it on the WTP server and EJB infrastructure.  I've defined a new server using the generic as a basis and then added new facet definitions for JBI 1.0 and a new module type.

Everything seems to be hanging together however when I create a new project and add the JBI facet my JbiFacetInstallDelegate and I appear to has the ServiceMix 3.0 runtime in place,  however a call to ClasspathHelper.addClasspathEntries(project, fv) never seems to add the defined project classpath (from the Generic server) to the project?

I was wondering if there was any documentation that might help me out or some pointers to what to have a look at?  I've dug through and I saw reference to hard-coding to the WTP module,  though when I went through the source I couldn't find it?

Thanks in advance