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Re: [wtp-dev] RC2 Declared - But WTP has problems with lockups


If the fix for this problem is deep, then would you consider just publishing some workarounds, e.g. disable validation when importing large projects?

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Re: [wtp-dev] RC2 Declared - But WTP has problems with lockups

Our RC2 testing indicates that WTP validation builder is very unstable
and often locks the whole workspace leaving no choice but to kill WTP.  
We have been able reporduce the problem repeatedly during the import of
a large web application which was developed using 0.7.1.

It turned out we can also create similar result if we try to create and
EJB/Web project from scratch while a WTP build is in progress.

what was special about this project is that it has a lot of xml/jsp
laced with xsd and taglibs that gets validated, often requesting
download of schemas over the internet, therefore the validation stagfe
taking a while.  Ofcoursei if the developer does something (i.e. create
a new Dynamic Web Project) while the build is in progress, WTP often locks.

We have tried the isolate the problems with a smaller project and hope
to release the test-case as a bug this weekend. I consider not fixing is
as stop-ship.

A potential workaround is to not validate as the default setting.

> Its official ... I've promoted RC2 to the download site.
> http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/downloads/
> Remember, as you get fixes for the "hot list" bugs, let me know.
> I will build RC3 anytime, day or night, once all the fixes some in --
> I am
> hoping it will be this weekend?
> Given the nature of the few hot fixes so far, I do not think RC3 will
> require smoke testing,
> but ... naturally, the hot fixes themselves will need to be verified,
> and well as the
> required week of testing before it becomes R1.
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