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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP 1.0 project facets

I would to keep the number of standard facets to a minimal, easy to understand set. I am concerned about the potential abuse of the facet concept every time we think we have something a little different. For example, I could not understand all the ejb.modes they either need more explanation for me to understand what they mean or a clearer design; What is a development mode (jst.ejb.default, ejb.dev.mode)? I am assuming it is not a mode to distinguish runtime/development but xdoclet/vs another method for ejbs (i.e. beehive). It also seems the facets are one-dimensional (i.e. xdoclet for web/ejb will require two facets is this correct).

Along that line of thought, why should jstl need an additional facet, should it be default capability with jst.web facet with proper version.
Struts on the other hand can have a facet (as it is not a standard technology), but as Arthur pointed out, it is outside our scope.

Finally, the concept of a facet is not much different than eclipse base project natures (now that we do not have multiple modules/project). Like the natures and from a usability point-of-view, they should not be something that is exposed to users freely in all tools. Facets are too abstract for a user (compared to a server or an html file). Most users will not care what facets are for as long as the tools do the work for them. If this is what we mean by presets, I am all for it. Maybe, facet pages of the wizards should be optional .

I guess what I am suggesting is facets should be an API level concept (as opposed to User tool level). We should take extra care when we add new ones, and expose them to the users when there is no need to do so.

First draft of a document describing the project facets that will be in WTP 1.0 is available at



         the ejb-related facets are just a proposal at this point

         the Runtime Components list is incomplete, id strings may change

         Presets will probably be added

         no web service-related facets in there yet

         should WTP 1.0 include facet ids for Struts, JSTL, â ?

Also note that this is not a developerâs guide (e.g. no implement X interface instructions). Needs to be written...

Comments welcome.




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