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Re: [wtp-dev] Update to CVS repository path - please update/replace your map files

Please note I have done a global replace on WTP map files. Please synch up and get the latest version of your map files before releasing code, so the that "cvsroot" stays (and so you don't
get an out of synch error during your release).

Lawrence Mandel <lmandel@xxxxxxxxxx>
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10/01/2005 12:47 AM

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[wtp-dev] Update to CVS repository path

FYI, the WTP CVS repository path has been changed from




Although the old location will continue to work for several months it's probably a good idea for us to update the build (which I've done) and for you to update your local workspace sooner rather than later.

More information can be found in bug 107748.

Lawrence Mandel

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