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[wtp-dev] Top Ten reasons for compiler warnings

Many thanks to those that have worked to decreased our
compiler warninggs, we've gone from
1239 in M8, to
1110 in last weekly I-build, to
885 in last continuous I-build,
(the last chunk done by me, not sure
who did the first chunk).

But, 885 is still WAY too many, and
the "top ten" list has not changed that much,
since the last time I sent this note -- 6 weeks ago!

Can these component leads educate me on what
the problem is? Is it that you simple don't
have enough time? Is it that you disagree that
its important? Would a "how to use Eclipse" session help
to learn how easy it is to fix these? Is there some
technical issue I do not understand?
(I would think a huge number could be fixed in one hour,
and do not think you have to fix all at once, let's just
have some steady progress, and a "time-window-box" of
1 hour is reasonable. That is, what ever progress is made in one
hour would suffice for a first attempt. Let me know
how that works out ... if one hour is not a good estimate.
Can we get one hour spent during the next week so for the
next wwekly I-build be greatly reduced?

Top Ten number of warnings and my understanding
of who is the responsible component lead.

These top ten projects account for 587, of the
remaining 885.

o.e.wst.xsd.ui                  186  Craig
o.e.wst.wsdl.ui                 104  Craig
o.e.wst.wsi                      65  Craig
o.e.wst.rdb.models.sql           60  Der Ping
o.e.jst.j2ee                     34  Chuck
o.e.wst.ws.explorer              29  Chris
o.e.jst.j2ee.core                26  Chuck
o.e.wst.rdb.server.ui            26  Der Ping
o.e.jst.ws.axis.consumption.ui   24  Chris
o.e.wst.common.modulecore        24  Chuck

Most of these are very easy to fix and
clean up, but does need to be done by
the responsible parties, since there are
occasionally cases that require some
understanding of the code.

Of course, if your not in the top ten, you
still fix yours too. :)

Many thanks for your attention,