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[wtp-dev] Committes: please review via Bugzilla - are we not ready to declare M8?

Sorry for the late send, but at status meeting, we need to review the following bugs.

If you can do any triage before the meeting, please do so.

As a general rule,
A. should only have target of M8 if fixed in M8.
B. Should only have a P1 priority if developers considered it "stop ship".
C. Blockers should have some "response from developer" in them that
others (such as me) can review to know why we should not postpone
declaring milestone (or, if we should, but then develper should
move to P1).

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1. target of M8

125  webtools bugs that are "new, assigned, reopened" that are have a target of M8.
I'm guessing most of those simply should have their targets moved to "unspecified" or "M9"?

2. target of M8 that are have blocking or criticial severify

Do we need to postpone M8 to deliever these?

110326 blo P3 jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx jialin@xxxxxxxxxx NEW jst.j2ee 1.0 0 1.0 M8 webservice handler and SOAP do not show up
110229 blo P3 lmandel@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx NEW wst.comm 1.0 0 1.0 M8 NoClassDefFoundError for URIResolverPlugin class in headless mode
109758 blo P3 jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI jst.j2ee 1.0 0 1.0 M8 trying to get ejb artifact edit hangs
103253 blo P4 dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx theivend@xxxxxxxxxx NEW wst.rdb 0.7 0 1.0 M8 Vendor model needs to model different identifier limits
103348 cri P2 mdelder@xxxxxxxxxx eclipsebugs@xxxxxxx NEW wst.comm 1.0 5 1.0 M8 NullPointerException in TabbedPropertyRegistry
108166 cri P3 mdelder@xxxxxxxxxx dmisic@xxxxxxxxxx NEW wst.comm 0.7 0 1.0 M8 Problems with the Tabbed Properties View framework and Project Explorer (Common Navigator) integration
106808 cri P3 cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx jljlmatu@xxxxxxxxxx REOP J2EE Sta 0.7 0 1.0 M8 ComponentUtilities#findComponent should support non existing IResoruce
105201 cri P4 naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI jst.j2ee unspe 0 1.0 M8 Usability issues with ejbdoclet preference

3. open bugs that are "blocker or criticial"

there are 32 of these (some overlap with above list in '2').

Can we declare M8 without them?

4. open bugs that are "P1"

There are 5 of these, 3 normal, 2 major.

Can we declare M8 without them?