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Re: [wtp-dev] co-locating java files with webcontent

By default, eclipse java builder copies all non-java files to project
(or source specific) output folder. Likewise, webcontainer serves stuff
it does not understand as-is. In order to make such colocated project
work "nicely" (i.e. without garbage in WEB-INF/classes and in web
content) one would have to define verbose set of filename filters both
for java builder and for web content publisher.

I suppose it would be  possible to come up with reasonable default set
of filters and find ways to deal with unknown files (for example,
similar to how Eclipse CVS client deals with unknown file extensions).
And what about exceptions from generic rules (e.g., this particular
.java file needs to be accessible from the web). And keeping WTP filters
in sync with build scripts. Looks too complicated and error prone
already ;-) But maybe its just me.

Ted Bashor wrote:
Currently WTP doesn't support a directory that contains both "web
content" and "java source". https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=107795

Wanted to get opinions on whether people feel this is a 1.0 defect, a
post-1.0 enhancement request, or a configuration WTP wouldn't ever

We certainly have customers who have co-located java files with the
jsps that use them.  Was wondering if they will have to move files in
order to use WTP 1.0.