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Re: [wtp-dev] Why Do We Need the Preference to Enable Multiple Modules per Project?


I assume you mean that the current implementation of flexible projects does not have much benefit, but that you do think it is very useful for users to be able to flexibky organize their folders, e.g. to match normal Ant usage.

We need to reassess the current design but it doesn't look doable for 0.7. Thx for openning the bug.  Please join the discussion again when we revisit this post 0.7.

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07/07/2005 12:51 PM

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Re: [wtp-dev] Why Do We Need the Preference to Enable Multiple        Modules per Project?

My 2 cents as a long time user and follower of WTP:

- flexible projects increase complexity a lot without much benefit

- from reading the newsgroups the vast majority of feedback has been
negative, particularly when flexible projects became the default for
whatever integration build it was.  It made cvs integration/checkouts
a nightmare

- the true "flexibility" that users need is the ability to define
their own folder structure so they can have a typical ant style layout
of /web, /src, /lib, etc or whatever their team dictates.  Changing
the folder structure should not break cvs checkouts, as I've seen
happen with my own web projects when I try to do something as simple
as rename JavaSource to src and modify .wtpmodules.

- there have been numerous posts and requests for folder structure
flexibility in the newsgroup, and related posts about the pain of
hacking .wtpmodules as a work around.  I've seen few posts abouts
flexible projects since its become an option disabled by default.  See
the bug for the folder structure issue I opened:

It seems the issue of allowing users to setup their own folder
structure (on a per-project and/or global level) should at least be
considered along side flexible projects, if not prioritized higher.

- Rob Sanheim
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