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Re: [wtp-dev] Why Do We Need the Preference to Enable Multiple Modules per Project?

My 2 cents as a long time user and follower of WTP:

- flexible projects increase complexity a lot without much benefit

- from reading the newsgroups the vast majority of feedback has been
negative, particularly when flexible projects became the default for
whatever integration build it was.  It made cvs integration/checkouts
a nightmare

- the true "flexibility" that users need is the ability to define
their own folder structure so they can have a typical ant style layout
of /web, /src, /lib, etc or whatever their team dictates.  Changing
the folder structure should not break cvs checkouts, as I've seen
happen with my own web projects when I try to do something as simple
as rename JavaSource to src and modify .wtpmodules.

- there have been numerous posts and requests for folder structure
flexibility in the newsgroup, and related posts about the pain of
hacking .wtpmodules as a work around.  I've seen few posts abouts
flexible projects since its become an option disabled by default.  See
the bug for the folder structure issue I opened:

It seems the issue of allowing users to setup their own folder
structure (on a per-project and/or global level) should at least be
considered along side flexible projects, if not prioritized higher. 

- Rob Sanheim